In order to keep you informed of the progress of the project and its different work packages (WP), you can download the publicly available deliverables (D) once they are completed:

WP1 - Project Management & Clustering Activities

  • Lead beneficiary: SINTEF
    This package involves coordinating and organizing the project at a strategic level, ensuring: project follow-up (project progress control and planning); continuous update of the project status to the European Commission; decision-making procedures and suitable project administration; Data management, appropriate risks management, intellectual property rights management, and synergy-building, as well as clustering activities. This work package will start in the project`'`s first month (M1) and finish in the final month (M36).

WP2 - Global Framework Definition & General Specifications of the Floating PV Solution

  • Lead beneficiary: Sunlit Sea
    WP2 will establish holistic and detailed requirements for feasible FPV installations with breakwaters (floating barriers) suited for high wind, current, wave loads, and corrosion. In addition, the requirements for installation, operations & maintenance, and decommissioning are established. Several actual locations will be used to mimic environmental conditions over time, calculating how the forces affect the expected lifetime of the installation, as well as its impact on production. This work package will start in the project`'`s first month (M1) and finish in the final month (M36).
  • D2.1 - Use-case scenario basis for typical, rough locations
  • D2.4 - Establishing a technical stakeholders advisory board

WP3 - Development of the Floating PV Solution Based on the Brakewater Concept

  • Lead beneficiary: CLEMENT
    WP3 combines the overall design of the internal, individual, floating PV components with the external breakwater structure. Furthermore, WP3 aims to examine the design, cost, and technical feasibility aspects of the bespoke mooring lines and the anchoring system. This work package will start in the project`'`s fifth month (M5) and finish in the sixteenth month (M16).
  • D3.1 - Design description of internal floating PV components
  • D3.3 - Anchoring and connections to PV system
  • D3.4 - Summary of global system design

WP4 - Nwe Circular Material Solutions

  • Lead beneficiary: ACC
    The main goal of this WP is to analyze and develop a set of new environmentally friendly material solutions for the offshore floating PV breakwater. WP4 will base its work on the breakwater requirements established in WP2 and the global floating PV design of WP3. The objective is to create a material solution for the breakwater outer structural shell and the inner core (layer). The consortium will then develop a prototype to determine its density, mechanical performance, and integrity. This work package will start in the project`'`s fourth month (M4) and finish in the twentieth month (M20).
  • D4.3 - Breakwater prototype

WP5 - Predictive Modeling and Simulation Tools for Material Properties and Structural Integrity Management

  • Lead beneficiary: CEIT
    This WP aims to develop digital simulation tools to (1) predict how the selected materials perform under various conditions. Secondly, additional work will optimize the floating PV design (embarked in WP3) to help tackle rough seas and high wind speeds. Moreover, the simulation tools will help ensure the structural integrity of the PV solution and its components. In addition, a Structural Health Management System (SHMS) will monitor the installation through an easy-to-use APP. It will monitor the health status of the PV solution through its service life. This work package will start in the project`'`s sixth month (M6) and finish in the thirty-forth month (M34).

WP6 - Technical Validation of the Floating PV Solution

  • Lead beneficiary: SINTEF
    This work package will evaluate and technically validate the solutions accumulated in the previous work packages. It covers the floating PV solution, the surrounding breakwater installation, the modeling tools developed in WP5, including system installability, and plans for operation & maintenance. This work package will start in the project`'`s thirteenth month (M13) and finish in the thirty-sixth month (M36).
  • D6.1 - Report on ultimate strength capacity of each connection
  • D6.2 - Report on basin tests results
  • D6.4 - Marine long-term degradation of concrete breakwater

WP7 - Integrated Sustainability Assesment

  • Lead beneficiary: IFEU
    The consortium members will perform an integrated sustainability assessment of selected scenarios on the developed floating PV solutions. The evaluation will consider technological, environmental, societal, and economic sustainability aspects. Moreover, the work package will include the identification of optimization potentials as well as conclusions and recommendations on further steps toward a sustainable implementation of the value chains. This WP will start in the project`'`s first month (M1) and finish in the thirty-sixth month (M36).
  • D7.2 - Report on technological qualitative assessment
  • D7.3 - Report on environmental assessment
  • D7.4 - Report on economic assessment
  • D7.5 - Report on social assessment
  • D7.6 - Report on integrated sustainability assessment

WP8 - Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation & Societal Engagement

  • Lead beneficiary: Sunlit Sea
    The main objective of WP8 is to develop and implement successful dissemination, communication, and stakeholder engagement strategies. Their ultimate goal is to exploit the project results to maximize the impact of the project outcome and ensure its legacy. The specific objectives of this WP are to raise awareness and inform about the project, its results, and potential benefits to industry and society. It is vital to disseminate project results in appropriate and impactful channels and to identify and engage with critical stakeholders from industry, research, certification bodies, and media. This WP will start in the project`'`s first month (M1) and finish in the thirty-sixth month (M36).
  • D8.1 - Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication Master Plan
  • D8.2 - Report on societal needs and engagement
  • D8.3 - Technical Brochure
  • D8.5 - Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication Master Plan (M18 revision)